Tungsten price is expected to rise moderately

Tungsten price is expected to rise moderately

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2020/01/14 16:36
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It is expected that the price of tungsten in the medium and long term will gradually rise, mainly because: First, tungsten, as China's advantageous resource and rare earth-like species, will continue to benefit from the resource integration process, mainly through the government to increase the industry entry threshold (environmental protection, safety standards, etc.) 2. To introduce a guiding policy (industry leaders integrate related resources), and use market-oriented mechanisms to form the survival of the fittest. This is also the current industry consolidation method adopted by the rare earth industry. Although the industrial policy of recycling tungsten steel is not as frequent as that of rare earth, as the country attaches greater importance to the protection of advantageous resources, the continuous integration of tungsten resources will be the general trend.
Short-term tungsten prices are expected to rise modestly. At present, there is not much room for tungsten prices to continue to fall. The main reasons are: orders improved in the first and second quarters, tungsten is mainly used in cemented carbide, and is widely used in machining, metallurgy, oil drilling, and mining. Tools, electronic communications, aerospace, military, construction and other fields. As the global economy bottoms out, demand for tungsten tends to continue to improve. Second, high mining costs are expected to provide support for the upward price of tungsten. At present, domestic enterprises' tungsten concentrate mining costs generally exceed 70,000 yuan / ton. With the continuous advancement of industry integration, domestic environmental protection and safety standards, labor costs and resource taxes are expected to continue to rise, which will provide some support for tungsten prices.
According to some manufacturers, the price of recycled chrome concentrate in tungsten steel has continued to rise in recent days, which has brought tremendous pressure on production costs. However, the price of low-carbon ferrochrome in the international market "surges" far higher than the domestic market, so some businesses believe that there is still room for improvement in the market outlook.
At present, the domestic low- and micro-carbon ferrochromium market has been stable for a period of time. Under the influence of the early rise of high-carbon ferrochromium and the steady price of chrome ore, the recovery of tungsten steel has closely followed the market, and the market has obtained A certain increase can be accompanied by the stabilization of market procurement demand and the increase in manufacturers' supply.
The market for waste tungsten has weakened steadily. At present, domestic mainstream purchase prices of waste tungsten blades without taxes are concentrated at 169-171 yuan / kg; imported blades are 180-182 yuan / kg, and waste tungsten drill bits are 194-196 yuan / kg, stable. Waste pure tungsten 210-215 yuan / kg, grinding material W≥70%, 1.75-1.85 yuan / degree; 50% < W < 70%, 1.55-1.75 yuan / degree; 30% < W < 50%, 1.35- 1.45 yuan / degree.
The market for tungsten ore continued to weaken, and confidence in the market for recovered tungsten and waste tungsten declined, and the willingness of merchants to recede gradually subsided. The market for waste tungsten steel remained stable for the time being, while the offer of waste tungsten was relatively chaotic. The overall mentality is more confused. It is expected that the mainstream of short-term waste tungsten market is stable.
In the international market, overseas tungsten markets have fallen steadily. The price of recovered tungsten steel is temporarily stable. The price of MB tungsten iron Rotterdam is still maintained at US $ 48.5-49.25 / kg tungsten, and the price of Hong Kong is US $ 53-55 / kg tungsten. The price of ammonium paratungstate has generally fallen. The European price is 395-425 US dollars / tonne, and the low price is once again lowered by 5 US dollars. The Hong Kong price is 420-431 US dollars / tonne, which is about 18.5 US dollars lower. The current price should be 450 ~ 500 yuan / kg. Price fluctuations are relatively large and the market is very unstable.
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